Drag And Drop on SAP application

I am trying to fire drag and drop action using UIpath. But it doesn’t work properly. Any idea to perform this action? Please find the attachment.


First Click - Mouse Down work fine
2nd = Hover is work fine
3rd - Mouse up is not working fine

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@badita @Lisa_UiPath @UiRobot

I have same issue and have not found any ideas to solve it. Hope someone help

We found the solution

First Click - Mouse Down
2nd = Hover
3rd - run a vb script to move mouse
4th - Mouse up


@lasithdilshan20: Thank you for your support.
I also attach the image of my situation. I do not know how to create a vb script to move mouse in this case. Could you help me?
I have already found your post about it (invoke code InvokeCode Example - #6 by vvaidya). I will try it. Thank you so much


@nganbui0510 ,

Cheers :smiley:

It works for me, thank you!

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Cheers again