Downloads attachments to specific folder in Edge browser

Hi Guys,

We are processing few notices(.msg) in outlook, one by one we open the notices and process the document link present in it on edge browser and downloading attachments from them and we have to move downloaded attachments to specific folder and go for processing next notice.
In edge browser it will download the attachments and we are closing the edge to move ahead after certain delay to process next notice.
At time of downloading attachments from notices it takes a time to download it to downloads folder and we don’t know exactly how much time it will take and immediately we have to move those attachments to specific folder.

We are expecting the answers/suggestion on above mentioned scenario.
We tried few settings such as ask before download in edge to move attachments to the specific folder, but it will ask it for each attachment instead of all.
Edge version: Version 114.0.1823.43 (Official build) (64-bit) (Microsoft Edge is up to date)

Please suggest something and feel free to ask if anything additional information required.


Use wait for download activity

also we have outlook and office 365 and many other mail related activities if you have not seen them yet…you need not do these tasks through ui


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As per my understanding, I can suggest these points

  1. Use a separate download folder: Instead of relying on the default downloads folder, configure your Edge browser to download attachments to a specific folder dedicated to this process. This way, you can easily monitor and move the attachments without interfering with other downloads.
  2. Implement a delay: After initiating the download of an attachment, introduce a delay in your program to allow sufficient time for the download to complete. You can experiment with different delay durations to find a suitable timing that works consistently for most attachments.
  3. Monitor the download completion: Instead of relying solely on a fixed delay, you can implement a mechanism to monitor the completion of the download. For example, you can periodically check the download folder for any new files added, and once a new file appears, you can assume that the download is complete and proceed to move the attachment to the specific folder.
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@Anil_G Thank for reply

First thing we can’t wait for download because we have multiple attachments in notice and we have to process multiple notices as well, so it is fine for us to continue download in background to specific folder as mentioned above.

And second thing we have outlook & office activity, but we have to process notices(.msg) which will open in outlook and in that having a document link which will open in edge browser, and we have to download attachments from them.
We still check on this if it is wok for us.

@raja.arslankhan Thank you for your kind suggestion

Will try first point, but we still looking for settings that configure our edge browser to download attachments to a specific folder.
If additionally, you can suggest on above point that could be really helpful for us.

@Amar_TRG do you want edge browser setting to open download window popup?

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Do you know each time how many attachments willbe downloaded?


Also maintaining separate folder you can move file once available so that you know if any new file comes in

Also if you have links to download directly you can use http activity to downlod the files instead of opening in edge as well…


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@raja.arslankhan No we don’t want ask download pop up each time, because it will ask permission to download each individual file and we have multiple files download in each notice at a time
We tried and checked above setting as well, thanks for replying.
Could we change Default Downloads Folder Location in Microsoft Edge for All Users in Registry Editor as admin, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to change the default downloads folder location in Microsoft Edge for all users using the Registry Editor as an administrator. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows Key + R, typing “regedit” in the Run dialog, and pressing Enter.
  2. Navigate to the following key:

sqlCopy code

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
  1. Look for the value named “{374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B}” in the right pane.
  2. Double-click on the “{374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B}” value to modify it.
  3. In the Edit String dialog, enter the desired path for the new downloads folder location. For example, you can set it to “D:\NewDownloadsFolder”.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
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@Anil_G Thanks for replying

  1. We don’t know how many attachments will be downloading and how much size it will be.

  2. Yes, we have maintained separate folder according to notice we are processing but we still confusing in time required for downloading attachment in download folder and then move it to respective folder.
    If suppose downloading, take a more time than exceptions then it will create a temporary file in download folder, and we have to move attachments immediately after downloading because we already having multiple notices inline to proceed.

3.No, we don’t have link with us that only present in notice(.msg) opening in outlook then
will proceed it.
Actually, we are automating some accounts which having structured formatted notices and while processing these accounts we will find document link present inside it in outlook which will open in edge browser and each account having different format in edge for downloading attachments and we also don’t know the attachments size and number in it.

@raja.arslankhan Thanks for reply

I don’t think so, we have any administrator access with us as of now for development.
I’ll check with team and discuss the same above thing could be work for us.

Thanks for the same but if anything, other solutions you have then please let me know.

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For point 3…what I meant was extract the link from .msg and pass the link to http request…

And can you elaborate process of downloading multiple files…we can check from the edge window as well for downlods progress if that helps


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As of now 2 methods are there for downloading multiple files from notices are as:
1st method:

  1. Open notice(.msg) in outlook
  2. Click the “Download Files” button link
  3. Select all the files on the website (Edge) and download the files. (It will be downloading type of attachments like pdf, excel, ppt, etc.)

2nd method:

  1. Open notice(.msg) in outlook
  2. Click on Document access link in the email.
  3. Enter the credentials for the login into link using the input password sheet
  4. Click on Sign In
  5. Click on Save button for download the messages & attachments from it (It will be saved msg in text file and save multiple attachments as zip file)


Then why not go with second where you know how many files your are getting which is one can can use wait for download as well

And then zip can be extracted using zip activities to any folder


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Yes, we can do it but again it will be zipping multiple attachments for one account.
And we don’t know how much time should be taken to wait for download ready and then we move to specific folder from download folder and go for processing next notice for same account.
So, it will be better for us that we download that zipped attachment directly in specific folder and it’s ok to be it continue download in background then we go for processing next notice for same account.
(I’m sharing my thought because in some case it takes longer time than usual so bot should not fail).
Thanks for sharing, I’ll discuss same with team and let you know if it is work for us.

Hi @Amar_TRG

To efficiently handle the scenario you described, where you need to download attachments from notices in the Edge browser and move them to a specific folder, you can consider the following approach:

1.Configure Edge download settings:
Open the Edge browser and go to the Settings menu.
Under the “Downloads” section, set the default download location to the specific folder where you want to move the attachments. This ensures that all downloaded files are automatically saved to the desired folder without any prompts.

  1. Automate the file download process:
    Use the Edge browser automation capabilities provided by your RPA tool or library (e.g., Selenium WebDriver) to navigate to the notice and click on the document link to initiate the download.
    After clicking the download link, introduce a delay or use a dynamic wait until the download completes. You can check for the presence of the downloaded file in the default download folder or monitor the download progress in the browser’s download bar.
    Once the download is complete, proceed to move the downloaded attachments to the specific folder using file manipulation activities provided by your RPA tool. Ensure that you provide the correct source and destination paths for the file transfer.

  2. Close the Edge browser:
    After moving the downloaded attachments, close the Edge browser to continue with the processing of the next notice. Make sure to handle any confirmation dialogs or prompts that may appear when closing the browser.


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If you can continue with others instead of waitinf that would be best…but again you need to keep a track for how many you downloaded so that you move all

Else there is a wait for download activity which you can use as well for each if you want to wait


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@Anil_G Thanks for reply

It could be the best one, instead of waiting we will proceed for next notice, and it should continue downloading in background by providing default downloading path as to respective folder each time so no need to move attachments as well.
Still, I’ll give a try for wait for download activity in all different possible ways.

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@Nitya1 Thanks for reply Nitya, we are waiting for you reply

As previous once discussed to extract URL from notice(.msg) from outlook, that process slightly change, and we have formatted account now, so we process document link easily.

We will give a try by configure setting for download attachment with Registry Editor as an administrator and as mentioned above 2nd point for “Automate the file download process” we build it already so only downloading issue we are stuck.

Hi All,
Thanks for supporting on this.

As of now we resolved it by modern way,
Each time before downloading attachments from edge it will change & set the edge://settings/downloads to specific folder path, so it will download those files to specific folder.
And in Init state & End state it will set the edge://settings/downloads to downloads folder as default.
So, we had done on this.

As part of validation for How to validate if file has completely downloaded using Edge browser,
We extract each attachments name in array data row and in End state we validate if path attachment path exists in specific folder, then it will show it as “success”.
If attachments path does not exist in specific folder, then it will show it as “InProgress” or “failed”.

So, as of now we are not using wait for download because the file number and size can be dynamic, we don’t know exactly how much time it will take and hence we cannot setup any static delays.
Any comments on above will be more helpful to do improve our process.

Will appreciate your support.

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