Downloading files from Sharepoint

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I want to download all the files in a Sharepoint folder. This is my process (The links are complete, I’ve just removed work-related information):

But this is the error I’m getting:


Can anyone advise what I’m doing wrong please? I’ve searched on the forum but they all seem to be from a few years ago and are either outdated or refer to this package, which is coming up as “No compatible version with Windows projects”:

UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities also says there’s no compatible version


I looks like you are trying to download a folder which is not supported by the “Download File” activity.

You could test add an If-statement to check that it is a file before downloading:

UploadFolder.File IsNot Nothing


Hey @ptrobot

Thanks for that :slight_smile: I’ve tried that and it looks like it’s seeing the folder as empty

However, it’s got 30+ files in

Is something missing from my Find Files And Folders properties? (The Site URL is complete but I’ve removed work-related info again)


You are only getting the first item, which is a folder.

Assign a variable to the Results property instead:


Then loop through it to download the files:

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Ahhh of course, thank you!

It’s for some reason decided to only look through 3 files and then stop there?

But as mentioned before, I have 40+ files in the folder. The first file downloaded is 4th from the top and the second file being downloaded is 4th from the bottom.

Any idea what’s gone on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You could test to set Subfolder to “Upload Tests” and leave Query empty.


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You genius, thank you!

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