Download UiPath Conversion Tool

Hi All.

I need to have a tool to convert robots from IE to EDGE. I know that there is a UiPath Conversion Tool. As I can see, it should be avaliable in Resource Center in the Automation Cloud portal. But how to find it? I cant find any way to do it…

If someone could help, I’ll be more than gratefull.

you can follow the steps below to download it
I also uploaded it here in case you still cant download (307.9 KB)

  1. click home

  2. click help

  3. show all

  4. browser migration tool is here

Thanks a lot, I’ll never manage to find it by myself…

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Have anyone used this tool? I am trying to convert robots from IE into EDGE, but it looks this funcionality is not working fine…

We are using modern view and use application/browser activity.

@idol can you paste here one or two selectors from the xaml you’re trying to migrate?

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