Download through UI element


I wondering how can I make a “for each” to download files when I dont have the URL, only the pictures to be click on.

I’m pretty new with the application, I managed to made it go through the web and reach the invoices, but now I’m not sure how to keep the process to download them all.

Every help is welcome!

Hi @atilagrings

can you try with for each ui element activity?
witihin the for each click in each element to download


For Each UI Element
– Click the UI element
– Wait for download
/end for each ui element

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Thank you guys! I didn’t know I could use the “CurrentElement” as a point for the click, that’s what I was missing.

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You can use it for lots of things, not just the Click activity. Many activities have an “input element” property, and that’s where you can put CurrentElement (which is a variable with the datatype UiPath.Core.UiElement iirc)

Thank you so much for the insights! I’ve been watching YouTube videos and bought a book to get into everything, these kind details are the ones easy to miss.

One last question. Each page has about 10 items to be downloaded. The For each was pointed to the table and going through the pages, but the “clicks” are not following, they are happening in the first page only. I mean, the clicks are working on the first item only, so when the loop finds more than one option it is actually executing the click in the first btn that amount of times.

Could you advice again? :grinning: