Download sharepoint file without graph API

Hello, I am wondering if there is an effective way to download a file from sharepoint without using graph API am I able to generate a URL based on the directory or file name?

are the better alternatives?


Hi @aquinn

Please check below thread:


Hi, I am not able to use office 365 scope or graph APIs for this project


If you are on windows legacy you can use uipathteam sharepoint activities


its not on legacy im afraid


Then either go with office365…with azure app or integration services…

If not the non preferred way of doing it through ui


Hi Aquinn,

The best way to download a sharepoint file and get the last version of this without API is as follow:

  1. Sync your sharepoint to your local computer or Virtual Machine.
  2. Create a .txt file (Placeholder file) inside the folder, where the target file is. This is a trick to force Sharepoint to get the last version of the file.
  3. Get the last version of the target file.
  4. Finally you can delete the .txt file created (Placeholder file).

Hope helps you!

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