Download attachments only having extensions .pdf, .xlsx, .docx, .xlsm from Outlook


I believe part of the above query is answered in few topics and even i got help from few people but it’s not working exactly.
My bot should only download attachments having . xlsx, .pdf, .docx, .xlsm from outlook and then save those files in local folder and move those mails to another sub folder in Outlook.

If i am not putting any conditions for attachments to be downloaded it’s downloading everything except .xlsm files, so just to avoid confusion i want to filter the downloaded attachments by their extension name.
I tried using “.pdf” in save attachment’s filter options, it works but i can’t put as “pdf” OR “.xlsx” OR’.doc" in filter option, it throws error and even i don’t want to use multiple save attachments and put separate individual filters in all(any how even that doesn’t work)

Any help will be highly appreciated.


@Faraz_Subhani use this “(.xlsx|.pdf|.docx|.xlsm)” in filter option of save attachments. it will work


Great! Thanks a lot, that works perfectly.

Alternatively, enter the following in the filter option of the save attachments activity: “.*(xlsx,pdf,docx,xlsm)”