Doubt in add data column activity

I just learnt how add insert a new data column and insert string values in the new column
using (add data column activity+write range+for each row+switch case)

but my doubt is how can I insert int32 values in a new column ??

please help

what changes do I need to make ??

or is there any simplified way of doing this ?

Hi @Jiban_Kumar_Das
You can also try this


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have a look on this setting as well

later us can use e.g.

  • add datarow | rowArrray: {“MyStringVal”,1234}
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alright but what about using only data table activities in studio only ?? see the steps or activities i have mentioned above. Cannt we add numbers in new column using those activities Sir ?

ya I know that…but it’s throwing me errors in “Switch activity” whenever I’m trying to add int values

Sir can you please make a simple automation & share the screenshots …where are adding numbers in new column

You can try to use

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please share some more details e.g. screenshots form the swithc part with us. This will help us to guide you further. Thanks