Dont able to run macro

Execute Macro: Cannot run the macro ‘Reorder_Columns’. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.
I can not able to macro…suggest me

Hi @DhanashreeLokhande

Is the macro available in the macro enabled excel file? And is the macros enabled in the excel file that you are trying to run? Why I ask this is the error says that it is not available or not enabled. :thinking:

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Hi @DhanashreeLokhande,

I’ll suggest you to use Invoke VBA activity.

  1. Firstly save macro code from excel in .txt file.
  2. Take Invoke VBA activity inside Excel Application Scope.
    Specify the path of txt file in —> CodeFilePath parameter. (e.g —> “ExcelMacro.txt”)
    & macro method name in —> EntryMethodName parameter. (e.g. —> “Macro1”)

Prerequisites, don’t forget to follow steps below before running.