Does all Package have Activities? If NO how do we utilize the installed package?

I installed one package called HTMLToPDF 1.0.4 and it is showing as installed under Projects > Dependencies however I am not able to trace any Activity under the Activities tab. I would like to know if all the packages have activities linked to it?

If NO, how do we utilize the package which we have installed? I would like to print content from mail message as HTML to PDF.

Thanks in advance.

May I know the full package name that you have installed
Almost all the package that we install from manage packages has activities in it
May be kindly search by just entering as HTML in the activities search bar or as PDF
Cheers @mrkrunaldoshi

I am using HtmlToPdf by juchen.

I already searched for HTML / PDF / iTextsharp / wkhtml however with no success till now. Feel free to suggest a package which can generate PDF from provided HTML.

Good Morning @Palaniyappan!

Can you please look into my reply and assist me?

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sorry for the delayed response
i tried to reproduce by downloading that package but i wasnt able to find the activity for that package either
may be that package must have got depricated, that why

Cheers @mrkrunaldoshi

Hello @Palaniyappan,
Thanks for your reply. I tried installing other 3 packages as below however, I could not find any activity under it. Can you please guide me with any package you are aware to generate PDF from HTML?

I am new to UiPath, hence help me to resolve the issue. Thanks for your time and efforts.

Hi @mrkrunaldoshi

Not all packages will have activities, especially those that come from the feed.

However, it is still possible to use some. For example, let’s try to convert some numbers to Roman Numerals. We can find this package:

It provides no activities, but after installation we can use the namespace, like so:

And that is roughly how you do it. The trick is to knowing what code is there inside the namespace. For that you can reach out to the package author or simply write down the namespace in Studio and add a dot at the end .. The auto-complete will show you what methods are available:

When you reach your desired method, you can open a parenthesis ( to see what parameters are needed:

Thanks @loginerror!

I am fetching HTML from email as mail.Headers(“HTMLBody”).ToString and now I would like this HTML to be saved as PDF, it is fine even without images. After checking your reply, I tried following your way however I need to write atleast 3 to 4 lines to generate PDF for with following packages:


However, with “WriteLine” it was just printing the code, not executing it. After searching, I found a correct activity to execute multiple lines of code, is “InvokeCode” and I implemented it as below:

I have used SelectPDF as seen in the code above. We can also pass the variables as an argument, shown below:

Now, I am able to generate PDF as required.

I would like to thank all of you for assisting me with the issue. Happy Automating!

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