DocuSign Activities

DocuSign Activities


DocuSign allows users to manage electronic agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature, a way to sign electronically on different devices. The DocuSign activities enable you to automate interactions with your DocuSign application. Using the DocuSign eSignature API, this activities package gives your UiPath robot(s) the ability to execute functions and actions.

How does it connect?

Before the scope activity can be used to establish a connection, you must complete the steps outlined in the Setup guide. After you complete the Setup steps, you can begin building your automation projects

Technical References

The Activities page includes a complete list of and the links to the DocuSign eSignature API operations used by each activity. You don’t need to be familiar with the DocuSign eSignature API operations to use the activities; the references are for informational purposes only .

Get Started

Before you build your first project, complete the steps in the Setup guide. To learn more about the DocuSign activities (including example property inputs/outputs), see the Activities page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages

How to install

UiPath.DocuSign.Activities package is available in the UiPath OFFICIAL feed. Please follow the steps below to install the package in UiPath Studio:

  • In the Official feed, check ‘Include Prerelease’, search for “UiPath.DocuSign.Activities”, and install the latest Preview version.

Important - Please make sure you check the ‘Include Prerelease’ checkbox


This looks great!
Altough having the possibility to use JWT would be fantastic. Do you have a rough ETA on when Version 1.1 will be in preview / live?

Yes, this should be out my end of month (optimistic) or end of October (pessimistic).

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SMS already available?

Yes, as that is supported by the API. You have to dig in to the object model a little to find it though.

besides create a datatable with phoneautentication, where do i need to work, to make an autentication by sms

Hi Leonardo - as best I can determine you will have to add the following to the node per this document:

  "additionalNotifications": [
      "secondaryDeliveryMethod": "SMS",
      "phoneNumber": {
        "countryCode": "1",
        "number": "7165551212"

Which when you translate this to VB code would look like this:

New EnvelopeRecipients With
.RecipientCount = “1” ,
.Signers = New List(Of Signer) From
New Signer With
.Email = “”,
.Name = “Test User”,
.RoutingOrder = “1”,
.RecipientId = “1”,
.AdditionalNotifications = New List(Of RecipientAdditionalNotification) From
New RecipientAdditionalNotification With {
.secondaryDeliveryMethod = “SMS”,
.phoneNumber = New RecipientPhoneNumber With {
.countryCode = “1”,
.number = “1112223333”

Does this make sense? Also, note that you will need the ability to send SnS enabled, as in dev accounts it is not by default.

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