Documentunderstanding Present Validation Station

When using the Present Validation Station
Automatic extraction is not possible
Uipath Validation Station opens
Is there a way to keep it off?

Hi @111617 there is no way to keep Present validation Station off. But it is not a mandatory component in UiPath framework. You can remove it from workflow and directly put the extracted results without manual intervention, it will work fine.
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Hello @111617 :wave:

You can actually use the confidence level as a threshold and open the validation station accordingly.

To learn this, please take a look the below course on UiPath Academy:

Iโ€™m not sure if the link would work but here it is:

Itโ€™s by @Lahiru.Fernando, our community MVP and itโ€™s a great course! Hope this helps.



Hi @111617

In addition to the academy course @monsieurrahul mentioned, you can also video the document understanding video series that I have in my YouTube channel addressing those areasโ€ฆ

This YouTube course is little bit advanced, but I believe it will help you to understand how to do the validation easily with DU :slight_smile: