Document Understanding - Trying to extract data from whole document, will only recognize information from the first page not all pages

Hello Everyone,

I have a 59 page PDF where every page is a pay statement with the identical format, with different information. (ie. Name, ID#, Net Pay etc.)

My goal is to have all of the information extracted and written into excel in a table. So far I can only get the taxonomy manager to recognize one page of the PDF at a time and then write that into excel.

FYI I am using the intelligent form extractor because that was the extractor used in my example.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Have you considered splitting pdf before extraction?

I have, but then i will have to cite multiple document paths, and since this will be a recurring this I would prefer to format it so it can grab the information from all the pages in one shot? is this possible?

Hi @Carson1

These are the limitations on the Community version.