Document Understanding Template creation for multiple PDF

Hi Team,

         We are working on document understanding and our input are multiple invoices which are in pdf format and with the same structure. Each pdf has a transaction table which we need to extract the data every pdf transaction table has different line items some one has five line items some one has 10. So, when we are creating the common template with the maximum number of line items and extracting it but it is not working properly if we receive only 5 line items in the table.

Do we need to create a individual template for each template, kindly provide the solution. We are using Form extractor to extract the data.

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If the structure of the table is changing for every Pdf then you have to create a template accordingly.

Structure of the table are remaining same but difference is in line items if i create a template with 5 line items in a new template i received like 10 line items at that point bot is not able to find the table.

Yeah If the line items are not following the proper structure for every PDF then the bot will extract unwanted fields.
If you make a template having 10 line items but the processing PDF have only 5 line items then Bot will extract the unwanted fields from the PDF