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What is the difference between document understanding and document understanding as a service? Is it possibel to provide links to examples for both please? Thank you,

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I think this means it’s provided on AutoamtionCloud, as the following image.

On the other hand, Document Understanding works on local PC as the following tutorial


Hi @A_Learner

Document understanding as service is the meaning from DU on the cloud, here you will find services as data labeling, machine learning models for your projects, etc.

Document understanding as normal, is the package that we use within UiPath studio, it means the intelligent ocr activities that we does not need to use DU in the cloud, just process documents locally based on the package activities



Document understanding service:

Document Understanding:

Hi @A_Learner ,

I think document as a service is related with public APIs for Document Understanding that enable basic end-to-end automations for document processing and also allow programmatic integration with 3rd party tools by calling APIs for respective operations. Im register in insider program and receive an email to join the preview yesterday.

As I understand maybe we are going to have the possibility to consume document understand api and pay according your use and I think this will be not vinculated with a license (not sure about this last part, just trying to imagine).

So, I think if you register in insider program you will be able to understand better.

Thank you, @Yoichi. Thanks @fernando_zuluaga , @raja.arslankhan and @Camila_Caldas

What kind of license do I need to get either DUS or DU.

Thanka a lot,

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@A_Learner you need license for Document understanding.
Service licensing.


UiPath has a diversity of licenses, you can check more in this page:

You should take a look in the options that have AI Units, since this the way UiPath consider the consumption of document understanding API. So you have many options here:

But if you just want to try document understanding you can use community version o enterprise trial. Regarding Document Understand as a service I dont know yet if you need a license.

Thank you, so much @Camila_Caldas

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I think I understood wrong your question, so I agree with @Yoichi answer!

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