Document Understanding license consumption

I have a question about the type of licensing on Document Understanding. Specifically, how is this license consumed?
If I buy a bundle of 40,000 pages, do I have to use them within a year? If I don’t have to use them in a year, and for example I have 5,000 pages left, when I buy another 40,000 page bundle, will I have 45,000 pages?

Thank you very much !


I would request you to connect with UiPath sales team for this query. They will guide you better in this.

any updates?
did the remaining papers(e.g. 5000) roll over to the new license?

Hi @Khaled_Ahmed

Yes the Remaining pages will be added to the Renewal license.


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hello suraj,
Thanks for your quick response it’s really appreciated.
I’m confused as i contacted uipath sales and that was their response “Regarding Document Understanding, unfortunately, the unused units are valid only 1 year and will expire if not renewed. They do not roll over.
it’s really vague and confusing.
Thanks again.


Yes that’s right if you renew the license within the expiry period ,the remaining units will be added to the new license , if you donot renew the units will be expired, you cant use the left over units anymore.