Document Understanding in UIpath

I am trying to process PAN Card and Blank Cheque using document understanding in UIPath studio but while running the flow I am getting an error at Data Extraction Scope activity as index was outside the bounds of array. Can anyone please help me with the issue ? below is the screenshot of error


The error which you are facing might occur due to the document doesn’t have any classifications.

I have tried earlier by changing OCR methods to resolve the issue. Please refer the below thread it is related to Intelligent OCR. it would help you on the document understanding too. thanks.

@kirankumar I tried changing the keywords in classify document scope but it does not work can u please help me with this issue?

Hi @Seema_Jethe ,

Could you please verify in run time are you getting the classifications for the document or not. the error is showing like we are getting empty.

and also please tell me which OCR method you are using?

i verified using a message box activity and while executing the workflow the document is not getting classified and throwing the same error as index was outside the bounds of array. Below is the screenshot

@kirankumar.mahanthi1 I am using omni page OCR engine in my workflow

@kirankumar should i change the OCR method or keywords could u please help me with the issue?

omnipage OCR is ideal OCR engine for document understanding. Could you try with other OCR’s too and also try with different keywords as well.