Document Understanding -- Human intervention

I’m using Document Understanding approach for read data from different formats of invoices.Here when the bot is running human need to check whether it extracted correct values or not. so, do Human need to do the same when bot is there in production? Is there any option to make it unattended?

yes, you can just remove the present validation station state.
check this video: Document Understanding - Processing PDF Without Present Validation - YouTube


Thank you Parth_Doshi…I have one more doubt…For my invoices One customer might get different formats.there will be no unique keyword to differentiate the formats.How can I solve these kind of scenarios?

Classification is always required with a set of keywords but in your case you can once try using machine learning extractor and check if that helps.
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Okay Thank you.

I have a few pdf files in a folder which are of different types.I’m using same document understanding approach.Here I’m not using classify document scope.I’m passing document type id in Data Extraction Scope. I want to skip the files for which I didn’t created template.How can I skip them?

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