Document Understanding Framework


I am trying to get data from checkbox in pdf of an ‘Application Form’ where a cross(X) indicates a chosen value by the candidate filling the form. I am using Document Understanding Framework but not able to extract the checkbox value.

Please suggest how I can do it…!!

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Rajat_Lal

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Could you provide some extra context? For example, what methods have you already tried?
Also, an example file or a screenshot of the checkbox can come a long way in helping others help you :slight_smile:

Hello @loginerror

Please send me your email Id, so that I can share some extra content with example regarding my checkbox issue.


@loginerror, I had a question on document understanding framework. Can it extract images from PDF and a text embedded inside the image? Like a image of a stamp on a PDF, and the stamp is containing some text. Is it capable of extracting such things?