Document template automation

Hello everyone,

I just found about uipath and I think it is the right tool for my needs. I want to extract parts of text from pdf files that need ocr recognition-romanian and move those parts of text into another document.
I seen from browsing the forum that I could integrate with Abby finereader, but I don’t know how to extract only parts of text, don’t need the whole text and then move it into a document template.
I guess the solution is to create custom variables into the text document that could be replaced with the extracted text?
Maybe the solution will work with google docs?(this is what I usually write into).
Thank you for the assistance.

Hello / Salut @lpatrascu84 ,

Before testing with Abby Fine Reader/Flexy capture, can you post some files from where you want to extract data?

Maybe you can use Document Understanding, which is coming from UiPath.
Or, you can read the files and use some sort of String operations + Regex to extract data.

Just an idea…since Abby is quite expensive…


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Awesome, Thank you for the input but one question comes to my mind… since it’s pdf files the documents aren’t readable so they have to be ocr-Ed first?
That’s what I thought I would use finereader for, but if it works without, that’s great.
I will upload a pdf file as soon as I am back to work, now I am on a short holiday.

Hello @lpatrascu84 ,

If the files are scanned pdf, there is no problem.
Again, the same 2 options:

  1. Read PDF with OCR (this is the simple one, but depends on what you want to extract)
  2. Use document understanding

Some interesting posts:

And a very good video from an UiPath MVP

At the same time, UiPath have the community edition, you can test these using the community or simple try an Enterprise trial for 60 days.


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