Do we really lack somewhere?

RPA lead of a top 5 MNC asked me why did you choose UI Path while most of the projects are going on BP.
My answer was may be you are not aware about the product. It’s lightening fast than rest of the tools to create process with utmost efficiency and reliability.

UiPath tool is so phenomenal and still when I go to walk-ins I find most of the jobs in BP. Are you guys just waiting for BP to capture the automation market. UiPath according to me still stands out. Publish the use cases success stories capture the market. I’m disappointed because I personally love it.

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Yes Alok,

Even i believe that Majority of MNC’s are proceeding with narrow vision on UIPath as a regular RPA Tool. For them my suggestion would be, “Consider UIPath as a vision/gateway of a new world, which is culture creating a reliable AI (Artificial Intelligent)”.

i know that it is looking so simple, but it takes time for people to understand and correct there narrow vision of UIPath.

What I do not understand is inspite of being such a powerful tool in inspecting elements and low process development time as compared to its counterparts why it is not skyrocketing. It completely stands out in terms of efficiency, robustness and duration of development. Incorporating artificial intelligence would be on cards and I hope the development team would be working on it. Hard to survive without it in future. But presently my only concern is inspite of being such a wonderful tool why do I see more BP consultant at interviews. Is there any demand supply gap or lack of awareness about the tool.

I would be interested in knowing if we can handle the bots through a mobile device. That can be an edge for business managers to handle their digital workforce remotely.

As per my knowledge, i think that handling the bots through a mobile device needs more aspects as communication of bots to orchestrator (encrypted way) , Application development for it. But i think it well be the next upgrade from UI Path in future. I think so.

I guess Mobile interface would come sooner or later as it makes sense to monitor and control processes and robots while one is away from computers.

I think we will start seeing some of these soon (already happening, I believe, at some scale):

  1. Mobile Interface for Orchestrator
  2. Mobile Interface Development Framework from RPA vendors – for RPA automation specific mobile app development
  3. Rebot Store (similar to App Stores - Apple/Android) - One will be able to purchase vendor specific REBOTS for OOTB use / automation building. MetaBots / Bots on Demand (BotFarm/AA, similar stuff from others) is there but that is more of development / deployment specific, not for reusability / P&P
  4. Automation Libraries (‘domain & processes’ specific as well as ‘technology & platform’ specific) - this is beyond the activities/packages we have today, I know companies are already on it
  5. RPA Frameworks (vendor as well as industry specific)
  6. Standardization across RPA products technologies - IEEE/Taskforce efforts are on
  7. Migration tools (one vendor to another) - it would be needed sooner or later
  8. Interoperability across disparate automations (may be it is not that important, WS/REST already there, but in-built abilities would be of help)
  9. Without saying, process audit and process mining, in-built or third-party (eg Celonis), but some in-built abilities would be quite helpful (audit is there though) - may be it is already there, I might not know it due to lack of knowledge
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Long way … Ochestartor App .

Scaling takes time. Especially in enterprise software.
Probably two years ago we’ve been 10-15 times smaller than BP in terms of revenue/customers. By the end of this year we’ll probably be ahead.

But we’re doing ok. For example here’s google trends data in the past 12 months. One year ago BP was 2.5x UiPath.