Do until you cant click specified element on screen


Am currently trying to make a bot that would do a certain set of actions, then click next, and repeat, is it possible to make it loop untill the “next” button isnt clickable? e.g. greyed out? If so could you please show me an example?

Thank you for your help

can you send us a example


You can use the Retry Scope activity to achieve this. Check for the element’s existence, if it’s true, proceed with the three clicks activity. In the retry scope condition, provide check for the element that exist as false.

This will help you click the element as long as it is present.

Heres an example, you can see the clickable next button on the right (and the greyed out on the left)

If i use the check if element exists, wouldnt it always be positive? As the element is always there, but just greyed out? Or would it become a different element once it greys out?

You can try on element Vanish it will help to your process


I would recommend a “While” or “Do while” loop (depending on if you want to check the availability of the button first). You could use “Check App State” or “Get Attribute” to check if the button is enabled / disabled (you need to compare the enabled / disabled button in UiExplorer to see where the difference is).