Do Until activity

As I work with many people from business side, they have issue to understand Do While, and everyone is confusing that with Do Until and it is completely opposite.

It would be good to have activity Do Until.


Hi Radomir,
you can create a do-until like this:

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Yes, there are multiple ways to do that, its not a problem for me, but as I said, I am working a lot with people from business side, and it is hard for them to understand Do While. It would be easier for them to use Do Until, cause UiPath is software where you don’t need to be developer, and you can still create robots…

But this is cool doh…


Are you asking for a custom activity that satisfies the looping construct as a “DO Until” condition?

yes, that is the idea…

Just explain that Do While (condition) = Do Until (not condition)

easy say than done… People who are doing this are not often close to explain, they can be on different continent, and a lot of people outside my company are haveing same issue…


To get the functionality of a Do Until activity, inside the Body put an If activity with the same exit condition. place all activities you do not want run by to Do While or While before the activity exits in the then sequence. Place any you want run before the Do While or While exits in the Else Sequence, if none do not create the else sequence. any activities you want processed normally, can be before or after the If activity.