Do lamda expressions work in UIPath?


I’ve noticed that when using an expression with a lambda expression, UIPath always prompts an error with the following message “Expression expected”.

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UiPath uses VB.Net, not C#, so you need to use different syntax:
C#: .Where(x => x < 5) VB.Net: .Where(Function(x) x < 5)

More info:

Also note that the = sign is interpreted differently depending on context (so it might mean an assignment or comparison, instead of = and == like in C# and some other languages).


Are you getting how to use lambda expressions in UIpath ?? If u are getting please help me how to use. Because i am also facing same issue what you were facing.

hey @MahalingPatil

It is already mentioned by @andrzej.kniola

if still you are still not able to make it… then share where you are getting problem.




Hi, as also noted here, Telerik’s code converter comes in handy for converting from C# to VB.Net. However, it doesn’t like the dot notation, so for the lambda shown by Andrzej it will throw an error. Just remove the “.Where” and it correctly converts (x => x < 5) to (Function(x) x < 5).

You probably know about that already, but just in case :slight_smile:


Tq…Its working for me

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Glad to hear it!