Display Datatable in a UiPath Action Center Form

Hi There,

I have a Datatable and would like to display this data in a tab within a Form, Create form activity.

I have not had much luck doing this, although importing the datatable object into a ‘Panel’ component worked initially displaying all the data of the DT, but since it has stopped working and I’m not too sure why.

I was hoping someone might have any more code/help of how to display, perhaps using a HTML component or something similar.

Many Thanks!

Hi @Kyleb91 ,

Maybe could you check on the video Tutorial available on the post below :

Hey man thanks for that!

I can’t seem to get this to work however, It seems this guy has a set amount of data, whereas I have a dynamic datatable, and can’t seem to get it to display :confused:

@Kyleb91 ,

The Procedure should be the same, However, Let us know what is meant by dynamic, Are the number of rows dynamic or the whole content itself is dynamic (Different Data - Different columns) ?

Yeah I can’t seem to get the data to show in table format/ or any for that matter…

number of rows is dynamic, yes, i could define the number of columns if necessary…

If I import with Datatable argument, and apply to a panel, it shows but outside the panel, and at the bottom of the form, but not within where I have designated it to be…

@Kyleb91 ,

I did try to check from my end, It does seem to work even with the Data Grid inside the Panel. Not so sure if this is what you meant.

Output :

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Appreciate the support man!

So I don’t have the same input fields in the activity as he does, I am using FormData - Collection)

I am bringing through the Json String DT like he/you are but through a specific argument.

Do I then add this VAR to the field data of the DataGrid or the text fields?

I got it!

I imported Datatable type, using data grid and text fields, the field properties need to be EXACT matches to the column names… I had a couple of spaces in between header names…


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