Disabling Protected View on Multiple Downloaded Spreadsheets

Hi, part of a project I’m working on requires me to download an excel spreadsheet, but the sheet name changes day to day. As a result, when opened the spreadsheets are in protected view. I was wondering what the best way to automatically disable protected view when working with spreadsheets who’s names change every time they are downloaded?

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Probably #1


Thanks for the reply, but this is for someone who does not have the ability to have their trust center preferences disabled at all times, this is the problem I’m running into. Unfortunately, the protected mode message has to appear and be turned off.

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You can try ALT+FIE as your first step to disable, probably validate the exisitance by reading an image in protected view bar.


<ctrl name='Protected View' />
<ctrl name='Enable Editing' role='push button' />

check element exists “Enable Editing” before you start and click on it.

I ended up using a series of click images to go through and inspect the workbook and remove all the conflicts.

Hello guys,

I tried to use Send Hotkey Activity to send “Alt+t+p+p” to release a protected excel file but it does’t work. However Click Image Activity worked fine.

Does anyone know how to release a protected file using Send Hotkey Activity ?

I have the same problem. Would anyone be willing to share their solution files?