Digitize Document: One or more errors occurred

when i pass original pdf invoice so job run properly but problem with original pdf is watermark is in pdf invoice so extracted data is not proper because watermark is also extracted .for that i remove watermark from pdf using python script and after removing watermark file is in png format so that ,we convert pnj file into pdf file using image to pdf convert Activity in uipath studio .
but when i pass output pdf file to job to extract data that time getting error in Digitize Document Activity (Digitize Document:One or More Error occurred)
Please Help me and Guide me to resolve issue.
Kindly check Attached screen shot

If you want to process that particular Invoice , then you can give that path directly.
try to use Directory.getfiles(folderpath,“*.pdf”).first, it will get the first pdf in the folder

i try with same like above comment but in Digitize document Activity In that Omni page activity not accepted pdf ,getting error (Digitize Document: One or more errors occurred.)

First try with different OCR and check if it is works

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This “expresion Directory.GetFiles()” will return an array of String, so you cant pass directly that expression in the Digitize Document Activity, first of all create an Array of String variable

DocumentPaths = Directory.GetFiles(“YourPath”)

Then use a For Each Activity or Parallel For Each and inside that For Each put your Digitize Document Activity and pass the For each variable in the Document Path Field}

Should be something like this

Also please check that you are giving the correct API key in your OCR enginem should be the Computer Vision API Key if you are using the Omnipage engine


please suggest name which will check ocr

chenged in job like above comment but still error is getting .
and also check API key ,right key is pass .
please check scrern shot.


Please use For Each Activity, and pass your Digitize Document Activity inside that for each, then pass the For each local variable into the Document Path Field of your Digitize

Should be exactly this


Hi @ashwini.mali ,

Could you also show us the screenshot of the Folder where the File is present ?

And also Could you provide the Screenshot of the OmniPage OCR Properties ?

please check attached screen shot

@ashwini.mali ,

Could you try modifying the properties Profile as Scan and Scale as 2 and check ?

changed omni page property as per above but still same error

Uipath studio Support Image to pdf Convert File(Converted pdf file )?

Changed OCR Engine (UIpath Documnet Ocr ) And Issue Resolve
Thank You So Much

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