Difference of Time between 2 DateTime vars.?

I am extracting time in format hh:mm:ss and storing in two vars with different values of time.Vars of type DateTime.
Now how shud i get the difference between time of these vars.
I tried with TimeSpan datatype but for that timeSpan var shud have default value which is format specific and got result but not as desired.

Please state any another way.


Will you share the specific format how you want by providing some example with your demo variables and all?

for eg :
var1 = 08:55:50
var2 = 09:40:20

how to get difference of time between them.What shud b the datatype of vars so that they can be subtracted.

Assuming both of your Time will come as a datetime input :slight_smile:

For more assistance, find the attached workflow :slight_smile:
Time Diff.xaml (5.4 KB)

// it will show you time difference from 8th November 2017 12:00 PM till the Datetime.now.



So basically in the workflow use variables of DateTime to store the Dates.
A direct Difference operation can be done on the DateTime variables.
Also, you can format output in String or DateTime type to use the operation for further processing.

CalculateTimeDiff.xaml (5.3 KB)



thnx chetan

Thank you so much…it really helps

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