Difference between Break & Continue statement?

Break & Continue statement?

Hi @vivek_sinha ,

A Break Activity is used when you want to stop looping, whereas a Continue Activity lets you skip to the next iteration.

Say for example, you want to search for a value which meets a given condition.
Once you reach that value, you don’t want to continue evaluating the dataset since you got what you were looking for, so you will Break out of the loop.

Now to understand Continue, say you are performing data manipulation on those row items which meet a given condition, like you want to replace those items which start with the letter “S”.

You might even want to perform several other operations as well, only if the item meets that given condition, so what you will do in this case is drag in an If Activity to check if the item meets the given condition and then perform the operation.

If the item doesn’t meet the given condition, what we usually do is leave the Else blank, but you can use a Continue if the sequence contains operations after the If Activity which are specific to the output from the Then.

That last sentence might have caused more confusion(sorry about that) but if you spend some time with it, you will eventually understand how it works.

I hope that clears things up for you, also here is a short tutorial on the same->

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