Dev Dives Mining your data with AI-powered Continuous Discovery

Hello UiPath Community!

Ready to discover how AI and Continuous Discovery can uncover impactful automation opportunities? Excited to learn how you can identify the highest ROI areas for process automation and improvement? Tune in to the next Dev Dives webinar.

I am Jyoti Raghav, Sr. Technical Enablement Engineer @UiPath, and I will show how to Discover and Automate high ROI opportunities with the UiPath Business Automation Platform: on the next episode of Dev Dives on June 27th!

Join me to discover:

· The power of UiPath Discovery products, including Process Mining, Task Mining, Communications Mining, and Automation Hub;

· Live demo of how to leverage system data, desktop data, or unstructured communications data to gain deeper understanding of existing processes;

· How you can benefit from each of the discovery products as an Automation Developer.

Save your seat: See Dev Dives: Mining your data with AI-powered Continuous Discovery at UiPath EMEA&APAC Virtual Events