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Hello I am new to UIPath development transitioning from AA. AA has a feature available that allows you get the the name of the environment in the dev workspace. Is this possible in UIPath? My goal is to have a library that basically says if my tenant is a dev tenant the use these values, else if the tenant is prod then use this other set of values. Trying to determine if this is possible within the development workspace instead of using a config file? Thank you in advance.

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Please look up Orchestrator APIs.


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Pls check the below thread

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If I understand you correctly, you would like to have a custom activity that would tell you if you are connected to a Tenant used for either Dev, Test, Prod, (or whatever you call your environments).

I’m right now setting up a brand new UiPath setup, and are planning to somewhat the same.
My plan is to have a Folder for basic settings, and giver everyone Read access to the assets in that folder.
Then add a Asset called something like “Environment”, and give a value of defining what environment it is set in.

Hope it helps - just make sure to create the same assets (in the same folder) in all of you tenants!

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Thank you for the information. I’m not sure if I’m missing something still being new. But if I used the APIs wouldnt I need to already know the environment to create the endpoint?

I’m not quite sure that you would. But you could as well get that from an asset :wink:

You can use the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity to send REST requests to the Orchestrator

It would not hurt to have some kind of a Studio activity to do this for us. If we can grab an Asset from the currently connected Orchestrator, why can’t we get the Orchestrator Tenant/folder name metadata of the currently connected Environment in our automations?

Sounds reasonable. But in practice we have to see how many such use cases are there where Automations logic is dictated by your currently connected environment.

@zeth.baker - I have not tried this at this time, but can you look at the Get Jobs activity?

May be this can provide a workaround. If you can get a list of Jobs it may come with enough metadata to infer what your current environment is. In the interest of efficiency it would be good to set the Top parameter=1 to fetch only the first job.

I would try this myself, but I am connected to an Orchestrator where I do not have permissions for this activity to work.