Details about UiPath pricing plans


Need more details about UiPath pricing plans.

Specific query is on plan Pro-$420/month, here need to know, how many hosts can connect to same license. (On portal, it just mentioned, it is for smaller departments or businesses)

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For getting the details more clearly , I would suggest you to contact sales team they will reach you out and schedule a call you can get the info from them and also they will ask you to explain your requirements so that they can also suggest some things


Thanks Sudharsan, actually already I have filled same form 2 days back but still no reply on it.

Looping @loginerror to look into this,

also in the mean time check your mail once in inbox as well as in spam


Hi @abhijit.dongre

If you click through on that option, it will navigate you to with a more detailed breakdown of all the options.