Desktop application - Unable to find data in a column using OCR with various scaling


I am automating a legacy desktop application and it’s going fairly well but stuck when i am trying to pass a specific value to a table column, find and double click on it. I’ve used both Microsoft and google OCR with various scaling options but it’s not clear enough for the system to pick the right value. I’ve attached the image here, please could anyone point me with different options available for this scenario?


it seems to me that just the ‘GB’ part is not very well recognized, can you use just the numbers to click?

Thanks for your reply - I can just do the numbers part but that doesn’t always work either. For example, the numbers 555 are captured as SSS and so on when i use OCR. Anything else there is I can try apart from OCR please?


Hi, i used your image above and even default tesseract settings seems to get it ok… just GB it can detect right, most likely because it is with the numbers and it end up thinking it is supposed to be numbers as well :slight_smile: but click ocr text using ‘11555932’ for example, works well…