Delete vs Delete File & Delete Folder Activity

I could see 2 activities to delete a file in System Package.
What is the difference between these 2 activities - Delete & Delete File ?
Not much information available in Docs.
The only difference I could see is that Delete activity throws an error if file does not exists but Delete File activity doesn’t throw any errors.

as the name says, ‘delete’ can delete files or folders, but ‘delete files’ can only one file :slight_smile:

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Deletes the file or folder in the specified location. If a folder that contains multiple files or folders is specified, they are all deleted.

Delete File

Deletes a specified file.


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Hi @pikorpa / @arivu96

yeah, I got it. But I don’t see a real difference.

Delete activity can do both Delete File and Delete Folder activities. All these activities only accept String input.

Hi @chilambarasancse ,
The only difference if folder and file…

Delete file activity can’t delete folder.

Delete activity will Delete folder as well as file


Both are deleted. One files and folders and the other one file

@chilambarasancse you are right, there is not a major difference between these activities. We tried to simplify things too much and have dedicated activities for files and folders.

There is no harm though to have these activities available.

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