Delete rows in datatable based on values in list

Hi, I am having a table with format

PO cus
1 aa
1 ef
2 wer
22 fds
4 bb
and list PO_list = (3,2,66,1)
I need to delete all rows which contains values from list.


Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi @Katerina_Chabova

Please try this,

Datatable variable name - dt
List variable name - PO_list

Query to remove rows based on list

dt.asenumerable.where(function(d) not PO_list.any(function(x) x.tostring.equals(d.tostring))).copytodatatable


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It is not working, It just show entire table, filter doesn’t work. Shouldn’t there by any specific column from table, which is used for filtering?

I tried this

(From r In datatable.AsEnumerable From s In list where r(0).tostring.Contains(s) Select r).CopyToDataTable

I need the exact opposite of this. Somehow combine the not contains function


dt.asenumerable.where(function(d) not PO_list.any(function(x) x.tostring.equals(d(“PO”).tostring))).copytodatatable

PO_list = {3,2,66,1}

assign activity:
LHS: Result | DataType: List(Of DataRow)

From d in dtData.AsEnumerable
Where Not PO_List.Any(Function (x) x.toString.Equals(d(0).toString.Trim))
Select r=d).toList

then check within an if acitvity
Result.Count > 0
Then: dtResult = Result.CopyToDataTable
Else: dtResult = dtData.Clone

I’ve got error in if statement: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352, Exception Type: System.Exception

A hint of excel issue

OK I used Clear data table, but now it show me this error
the source contains a detached datarow that cannot be copied to the datatable

please share a screenshot of this part implementation. thanks

Assign statement and then If statement

I think the problem is PO_only3_dtrow in list of datarow .

variables & flow:


(From d In dtData.AsEnumerable
Where Not arrPOFilter.Any(Function (x) x.toString.Equals(d("PO").toString.Trim))
Select r=d).toList


Find starter help here:
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