Delete range of rows from datatable?

i would like to delete rows with ranange “n1-n2” how can i do this?

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Hey @Rowley101, You can use delete range activity and provide the input lets say “A1:B7”

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You can use this activity as suggested above

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i wanted to do it for a datatable, not in excel. using remove datatable activity

If you’re deleting from excel, use the above solution.

If it is a DT with another source in the workflow, there are several options:

  • Loop through your DT and determine if the row that’s been presented is an applicant for deletion baserd on either content or an index # if that is applicable
  • use filter datatable to remove them, if you can describe your range by a condition
  • if you simply know that you need to remove row number n1 to n2, make a loop that runs from n1 to n2 and call the ‘remove data row’ activity, passing the n value as index.

Hi @Rowley101

You can use invoke code activity using this syntax


Fine if you know the number of rows to delete then we can try with skip or take method

Like this in a simple assign activity

dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Skip(20).CopyToDatatable()

Or with take method

dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Take(20).CopyToDatatable()

Skip will remove the mentioned number of records from the first row and gives the remaining

Take will give only the mentioned number of rows from DATATABLE

Cheers @Rowley101

in case of we want to take or from start we can use take or skip as mentioned by Palani

we also can chain it:

in case of we want to remove an inner range out of the datatable we can do work with concat or indexed Where LINQ: