Delete identical Excel rows

Hello evryone!
I need your help.
I have 2 Excel sheets and i compare the data on these sheets.
If a row on sheet 1 is found on sheet 2, i want to delete this row both on sheet 1 and on sheet 2.
To do, i merged the sheets and i don’t know how to delete the identical rows.
Can you tell me how i can process to delete them or to join the datatables and only keep the non identical rows?

Thank you for your help


Create a new Data Table with unique rows for each column (no duplicates):


dtUniq = Sytem.Data.DataTable

Create a new Data Table with unique rows for a specific column (no duplicates):

dtUniq.DefaultView.ToTable(True,"Column Name")

dtUniq = Sytem.Data.DataTable

Hi @Laetitia

you can use the Insert/delete rows activity,

Insert/Delete Rows (

Pass the row item to that, if you are keeping that in a loop!!