Delete Empty Folder From the Derive or Particular Folder

HI All,

I Wrote small xaml file (utilities) for delete all Empty Folders from the Derive or Particular Folder.

RemoveEmptyFolder.xaml (18.6 KB)

you can using invoke workflow file call this xaml file need to pass the Path of the derive or folder path to delete all empty folders.



I have a folder structure as below , where I have 3 Folders “A”, “B” and “C” and AB is the sub-folder of “B”, now i want to delete every empty folder, when I am executing your workflow its delete all folders except the folder B, where as each and every folder was blank, can you help me how do i fix? as i have to delete each and every empty folder.


Note------ Folder “B” is not empty as it have sub-folder “AB” which is empty and upon deleting sub-folder “AB” the root folder “B” is also empty now but your workflow is just skipping that part to deleting folder “B”