Delete duplicte files (ending with (1), (2), etc) in a folder

Hi let´s say I have a folder with 4 documents on it, but 2 of them are duplicates like:
Automation (1).docx
Automation (2).docx

How could I manage to delete all duplicate files with any kind of number in parenthesis?

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To begin with, you can use search pattern expression to pull these files into an array.
In this simple example, if your files have numbers they will end with a closing moon bracket “)” just before the “.docx” file identifier

string[] filesToDelete = Directory.GetFiles(myFolderPath, "*).docx");

For each file in filesToDelete
   Call File Delete Activity and pass it the file variable

A regex based approach

(From fi In New DirectoryInfo("C:\_RPA\_Demo").GetFiles()
Where Regex.IsMAtch(fi.Name,"\(\d+\)\.docx$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)
Select fi.FullName).toArray

ensure that following namespaces are imported:


  • we can prefilter to a extension as well
  • modify the regex pattern also to catch typically abc (1) Copy.docx cases
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It worked, I changed it so that it deletes every duplicate document with any type of extension, how could I add to delete the copy documents?
MyFile - copy.pdf

could go in this direction


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