Delete duplicate row based on one column duplicate data

I want to delete rows that have the same data in a certain column. So for example I have 5 columns in my data table and a lot of rows.
There are duplicates in ‘column 3’. I want to delete the entire row if there are duplicate codes in ‘column 3’ even though column 1,2,4 ,5 etc may not be duplicate.
Only the first data row should be there, and duplicate should get deleted.

please help.



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Dear Sandeep, I tried it and ran the code.
It ran fine but when I checked the output , the rows have not been deleted.

Also I guess the column which I am using is Mobile no, so integer type, but when I tried to change datatype to Integer or double, it gives error as “specified cast is not valid”
And on running as string type, it gives no error , but also row dont get deleted.
Please suggest


Also have attached the input data, based on column name Moile No., we have to delete duplicate row.
Please see if you can (11.9 KB)

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RemoveDuplicateRows.xaml (5.3 KB)

The above attached workflow will remove the repeated mobile number rows.



Thanks Praneet, but i was expecting output in data table form


just use this expression dt = arrDataRow.CopyToDataTable


No praneeth, even after using arrDataRow and using same code as you attached, the duplicates rows are not getting deleted.
The process run fine but row do not get deleted :slightly_frowning_face:

can i have the xaml please.

Actually, it was my fault praneet. Sorry.
Its working fine now

Thanks a lot… :blush:

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