Delete certain rows and keep formulas in excel

Hi. I have excel table that has multiple rows and columns. And I would like to keep rows which has “United Kingdon” in column Z and remove all other rows. And then I would like to overrite changes, save and close workbook.

Please see attached file. I used different scenarios as “filter data row” and “remove data row” and “invoke method”, however when I use these activities I lost formulas (getting from next page) in column AA, column AB, etc.

How can I do:
1- keep rows which has “United Kingdon” in column Z, and delete remaining rows
2- Overrite changes in the excel by keeping formulas
3-Save & close same excel file (541.0 KB)

Hi @DD38

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we can use Filter datatable activity for this buddy
like this
but put your datatable name you have in your workflow

cheers @DD38

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for your prompt response.

I also used filter data table as attached one. However,

  • I am loosing formula in highlighted columns (should be kept with formulas)
  • How can I keep also second page named “Reference”?
  • I also would like to overrite changes. However, in my bot I am creating new excel file due to write range. (548.9 KB)

@DD38 Welcome to the community! Please see attached a sample workflow to delete rows that do not have “United Kingdom” in column Z and keeps the formula in the remaining cells. It uses Read Column and Insert/Delete Rows activities.

Sample.xaml (9.6 KB)

Hi @Palaniyappan,

It there a way to delete the rows by applying filter in excel sheet in uipath.

We can perform this using Macro. But would like to eliminate macro in this