Delete all the comments from PDF

Is there any way to delete all the comments from a PDF file?

@Onkar_Nath_Sharma, can you share the PDF file ?

Sample.pdf (28.5 KB)

You can refer the attached doc
I have created a 1 pager dummy doc. The requirement is similar to deleting the added texts “Onkar” and “Nath” from the PDF

Source File: PDF file format.
Destination: after removing comments from PDF file…What is the file format? where we have to store the value?

After removing all the comments from file, it can be saved in any other folder or the same folder with same filename (Replace the existing file if needed.)
Location is not a concern, the bot can save it wherever it as been coded for.

In sample File , we can remove your comments but in original file your comments should be in same Position and same text ?
-Can you share the original PDF file then only we know its possible or not ?

Vivek there is no compulsion on any of your above concerns. The sole objective is to remove all the comments. The other texts must not be hampered. If you can help to delete the comment, please do that, i will take care of the other concerns.