Define issue

Hi friends.

When I use “Wait for Download”, I don’t know how to define the “Downloaded file”

So I tried to figure it out.

But I still not sure how to convert string to

my filepath variable is “C:\test.xlsx”


Thank you

So you want to get FileName from the FilePath ? @Chen_Kenny

Hi Manish,

I try to define “Downloaded file” . it should be fileinfo data type.


Check this below code, @Chen_Kenny
New FileInfo(“C:\test.xlsx”)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

Hi Manish,

I think the reason is because the file is not existed as I use Assign Activity…
Because I need to use “Wait for Download” Activity, so the file will be created after download action completed…

it makes me confuse… because if I can’t define it before, how I can define Downloaded file @@

Nothing … I got it … thank you

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