Datetime Variable Null value in stored procedure

Hey guys I have a store procedure that spits out a datetime value that goes to a variable I have, however sometimes the value is NULL or blank. Is there a function that I can attach to my datetime variable within the Parameters section of the Execute Non Query activity that if the variable is NULL then to assign it to a specific date?

Hi @cssc

I believe this seems more like a query about an SQL itself rather than UiPath related, correct?

I’m trying to see if the is a way that UiPath can recive (either through a select query or stored procedure) an output variable that cane either give a datetime value or a NULL. I don’t know if this is a limitation of the program or if a specific vairable type with UiPath exists for this? – and a ‘NULL’ value is seen as a db.Null type in Uipath

This is possible. For example, when you initialize an empty array, it will return an error. You can check if the variable was initialize with IsNothing(yourVariable), which will return either True or False.