Datetime change format


I want to get date in format like dd.MM.yyyy with input dialog. When i use default datetime variable i just can get MM.dd.yyyy

That was my first question. Secondly i have to check if input format different then dd.MM.yyyy

Thanks for any help.

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Hi @ercanebiler,

You can use the following method to convert any format of date to dd.MM.yyyy. datetime.tryparseExcat(date_String,{“dd.MM.yyyy”,“MM.dd.yyyy”},nothing,nothing).tostring(“dd.MM.yyyy”)

in the above expression, i used two formats, You can use any number of formats as well.

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I couldn’t do it. Can you type the code for my case? Just trying to change default format of datetime variable which is MM/dd/yyyy to dd.MM.yyyy

When i type to result of input dialog a default datetime variable i cant give a date like 17.09.2019 It’s throwing error.

I did it.


Then I converted with this;


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