Date Time Values Are Converted Into Numeric Values - Excel Write Range


I have an excel sheet data of attendance. I have to group the data in state-wise and write it into a separate excel sheet state-wise respectively.

After writing the excel sheet the date strings are converted to the numeric value. Can anyone have an idea to change the format? If I manually change the format then it comes for the correct format.

MasterAttendance.xlsx (Existing Sheet)

After grouping the output will be,
StateWiseAttendance.xlsx (State-wise sheet will be created)

Output Expected :
I need check-in and check-out cell values look like the below format as in the master attendance sheet.

07/15/2019 08:31 AM

Please find the (21.1 KB). Can you help me to get the expected outputs?


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hello @kuppu_samy

select the preserve format option while reading the excel,
bot will read the excel with the same format which you mentioned in the excel


Hi @Ajju,

I enabled the PreserveFormat Property in Read Range activity. But I didn’t get the expected values. Please refer the attachment (21.1 KB).


i am getting output like below

AttendanceReport (2).zip (30.1 KB)

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Thanks @Ajju,

It’s working only in newer Office Excel only. I have checked with Excel 2016, it works fine. Before I have executed with Excel 2010, I doesn’t gone well.

yeah cheers buddy :wink:

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