Date Format issue while executing

I have a date field in my excel in mm/dd/yyyy format but when i am running the same in UiPath I am getting completely different output(2nd screen attached), how to fix??


You can try as following:

not working.

Hope this expression would help you resolve this

Cheers @indrajit.shah

thankyou @Palaniyappan for your reply.

I am not using any for each or any loop and i need to convert this after reading the excel.

May I know how we are reading excel
We can replace the string inside the fromoadate method
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I am using readrange

Then if the output of read range is named as dt

Cheers @indrajit.shah

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thankyou :slight_smile:

it’s fixed just by changing the format to “text” in excel

Cheers @indrajit.shah

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