Date for Each Row

Can you help me pls?

Can you share the expected Output file @ShadowZ

HI @ShadowZ

Okay then try this way

Steps should be like this

  • Read range from Excel 1 and store in DT1.
  • Keep Build datatable activity and create both the column in the wizard InFo(String) ,Date(String) and store in DT2
  • For each row in DT1
    • Add Data Row activity
      • In Array of row pass like this {Row(“INFO”).ToString,DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)}
      • Store the values in DT2(Which is build datatable output)
  • Then use Append range in the Excel 2

For your understanding i will attach a sample skeleton too
Pablo_Query.xaml (7.5 KB)

Hope it helps


Triying and triying finally I get the result with this activities. Thanks for the help, the problem is that are more than 8000 values and works slow, I’m going to try with LINQ. Thanks a lot.

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