Datatype getting automatically changed in UiPath Apps

I am using UiPath apps for a usecase of Checking In and Checking out users. The issue I am facing is the variable type is automatically getting changed. I am including a date with some text and automatically the datatype is getting changed to date from string and some random date is being shown.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Hi @athira.somasekharan! If you click on the calendar icon that you have highlighted, you can manually change the type to a string. Hope this helps!

Hi Evan,
Yes, I have tried that. Even after changing the datatype manually, somehow its again changing when I click on preview.

@athira.somasekharan Which data type did you use for out_PendingTasks property in Studio? Was it ‘System.DateTime’ or ‘System.String’?

Hi Pradeepa,
Its string, even though a date is included in it.