Datatable row in array

Hi team,
how can i read a row from a datatable and put the element in an array?

client - name - last name

I want to read at first run the first row and put in a variables. Client = 1 Name = mia lastName = contra.
When transaction number increased (2) do the same operations but assign client = 2 Name = Robert Lastnmae = Landon

Thanks in advance

Hey @andreus91

Create array of strings(arrayData) and add data as following.
strong text

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inside the for each activity?
Because in this case if i try to do this the output will be
How can i put instead of for each row, only the row(transactionNumber)?

@andreus91 you can use

row.itemArray and it will put everything into array, but again this will not be store as key value pair.

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Thanks @Lakshay_Verma,

in REFramework the condition to go further is:
IF TransactionNumber < Datatable.rows.count in order to have 2 laps, one for each row of my datatable.
There are other possibilities to assign in 3 variables, when transaction number is 0 ID = 1, FIRSTNAME= Mia LASTNAME = CONTRA
and when transaction number is increased = 1 assign the variables with the value of the second row of my dt?

Use this condition

dt.rows.indexof(row)=transaction number


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Inside the for each row?